NFP Policy and Procedures Specialist

Every policy written for your organisation comes as a Policy and Procedures document for that subject (Eg Petty Cash Policy has the policy and the procedures included in the one document).

Communications Policies:

  • Copyright Policy
  • Email Retention Archiving Policy
  • Media Relations Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy

Financial Control Policies:

  • Acceptable Use of Electronic Media Policy
  • Acceptable Use of Vehicle Policy
  • Authority to Sign Cheques Policy
  • Credit Card Financial Transaction Cards Policy
  • Fraud Risk Management Policy
  • Petty Cash Policy
  • Reminbursement of Expenses Policy

Financial Management Policies

  • Board Fundraising Policy
  • Budget Planning Policy
  • Ethical Fundraising Policy
  • Investment Planning Policy
  • Sponsorship Policy

 Governance Policies

  • Board Attendance Policy
  • Board Confidentiality Policy
  • Board Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Board Grievance Policy
  • Board Member Induction Policy
  • Board Office Bearer Policy – Position Statement
  • Committees Policy
  • Conduct of Meetings Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Crisis Response Policy
  • Delegations Policy
  • Governance Policy
  • Legislative Compliance Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Transparency Accountability Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy

Human Resources Policies:

More being added soon!

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